Stelli & Kingsley - Custom Puppy Harnesses


I’m Kelly Young and thank you for visiting my website! My family, (husband, daughter and furry babies) are my inspiration for Stelli & Kingsley. I’ve been sewing since my daughter was a baby (over 30 years)! As these years passed, dust started to settle on the sewing machine.

My daughter is now an adult and my puppies are the reason why the machine is out of the closet!

Stelli and Kingsley was created when our 3 pound Bichon Frise was born in 2016. I just knew I didn’t want to keep a collar around her neck. So, after searching stores for a harness that matched Stelli’s personality and only finding the basics, with no style or character, I felt there had to be something better out there -so out came the sewing machine! I let my creativity flow. Sewing is in my genes and so is the love for dogs. Now don’t get me wrong, Stelli Belle is a white, powder puff and looks perfect just the way she is, but, when she gets ready to go out with her custom harness on, she struts her stuff! When Stelli sees her harness, she is so excited to put it on, and, all heads turn when she enters a room.

In 2018, we brought home the newest edition to our family, Kingsley. He’s Stelli’s brother and he certainly knows good taste!. Kingsley looks as dapper in his harnesses as Stelli looks beautiful in hers! Now, we may have double the trouble but definitely double the love!

These harnesses are lined and can be adjusted for a great fit; which allows Stelli and Kingsley to be comfortable without restricting their movement.

We hope you love your harness from Stelli and Kingsley as much as we enjoy creating them. We know they will enjoy wearing something that is both comfortable and secure, but also functional and stylish.

Stelli and Kingsley’s harnesses features a breathable, utility fabric on the back, with lightweight padding in an coordinating color allowing your furry friend comfort and style throughout the day.

  • The Velcro adjusts to meet your dogs needs, resulting in a perfect fit.
  • The D-ring is fastened to a durable webbing allowing your leash to be securely attached.
  • All of this comfort in a stylish, custom made, trendy apparel collection available now for your furry friends as well!

Thank you for visiting Stelli & Kingsley,

– Kelly